We inform you with pleasure that our company offers also the highest quality tubing/pontoon tracks, pontoons for rides, as well as all accessories needed for the track development.

We offer professional help, consulting and assembly at a customer’s slope.

Our products are brand new and fulfil all safety standards. The rides on the pontoons are a great fun for the whole family, combined with active leisure activities, all year round.

The pontoon track consists of:

  • start ramp,
  • parabolic modules (turnings) protecting a rider against falling off,
  • straight sections covered with artificial mats ensuring suitable slip of the pontoon,
  • braking mats placed on the final section of the track,
  • mattresses used optionally at the end of the track to increase safety.

On account of safety for track users, it is recommended to build a slope with inclination not bigger than 9°.

Among the advantages of our tracks we can mention:

  • possibility for using both in summer and winter,
  • high quality plastic produced in Italy or in Czech Republic,
  • no necessity to use water,
  • low maintenance costs,
  • quick assembly and disassembly,
  • safety,
  • length on request.