Since 2010 the company Enitra Sp. z o.o. with the seat in Wałbrzych as the first one in Poland has started the production of „Ski Conveyor Belt PTL EniLift”. The ski conveyor belt is a perfect solution for learning how to ski. A classic ski tow is not suitable for people learning how to ski and requires continuous assurance from an instructor or a tow operator. The „Ski Conveyor Belt PTL EniLift” is perfect and the safest way for transportation of novice skiers to „nursery slopes”, it may also be an excellent complementation of existing ski infrastructure or the first step for creating a complex ski base.

Depending on the selected length of conveyor, four types of drives are used:

  • 10-50 meters – 5,5 kW drive (PTL-50),
  • 51-75 meters – 7,5 kW drive (PTL-75),
  • 76-100 meters – 11 kW drive (PTL-100),
  • 101-120 meters – 15 kW drive (PTL-120).

The construction of each conveyor consists of three units: driving station, return station and central segments, whose number decides on the total length of the conveyor belt.

Each of our conveyors EniLift is equipped with:

side pavements designed for safe disembarking the lift,
● the latest systems controlling the users’ safety,
● control cabinet,
● non-slip conveyor belt.

The conveyor belts may be built on the slope with maximum inclination of 10° = 17,5%. The planned nominal length of the conveyor belt is obtained by mounting the suitable number of the central segments getting this way a transport length e.g.:

Conveyor lift 50m = 16 segments x 3m + 1,78m = 49,78m
● Conveyor lift 75m = 24 segments x 3m + 1,78m = 73,78m
● Conveyor lift 100m = 33 segments x 3m + 1,78m = 100,78m

1,78m – total of visible belt segments of the driving and return stations;

Our conveyor belts are produced according to the applicable standards and directives. We have the qualifications granted by Transport Technical Supervision as for manufacturing, assembling and maintaining, and we provide training in the equipment operation. To each conveyor belt we enclose the full set of the approved technical documentation as well as documents necessary for obtaining the TTS conveyor belt, drive, security system are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.