Protect your equipment rental, bar, restaurant, cash desk against unpleasant cold.


Przykład zastosowania osłony w wypożyczalni nart. Osłona chroni przed podmuchami zimnego powietrza oraz ucieczką ciepła z pomieszczenia.
The shield hook strip is mounted with screws by means of a common screw gun or a drill with bits for screws.

With the doors open the temperature in the room fells some degrees down in a few minutes. We would like to present you system of thermal protection shields EniLift that may protect working people as well as customers against unpleasant cold caused by opening the door and against rapid air cooling, drop of temperature in the room.

The assembly set for the thermal protection shields consists of the following components:
1. Hook strip EniLift ENL – 985 made of stainless steel with hooks and mounting holes
2. Thermal protection shield EniLift ENO – 200 x 2 PVCT made of special transparent PVC rounded off on the edges and resistant to mechanical damage.

The thermal protection shield 200 mm wide and 2 mm thick is characterised by relatively high elasticity allowing people to pass freely but yet protecting against gusts of wind.

The only tools needed for the assembly are: a cordless drill, and depending on the place of tightening, the wood screws or other fasteners such as pins and bolts.
The assembly of shields takes only 5 to 10 minutes. We apply the hook strip EniLift to the place where it is to be screwed up and we fasten it with the screws within the door space or in any other place which we want to protect.
The room is protected against cold air access at the moment of door opening. It gives comfort for people staying in the room and at the same time it reduces heating cost which will refund the investment completely after a short time.

The set for shield assembly consists of the hook strip attached to the door frame and clamps for PCV tapes.









An example of shield application in the ski rental. The shield protects against blows of cold wind and heat escape from the room.