In our offer we have 150 models of track chains; they are the track chains of the highest world quality, produced for the first assembly for brand new snowmobiles.


  • better adhesion to the surface,

  • better floatation on soft and deep snow,

  • better acceleration,

  • greater speed,

  • better driving and stability,

  • increased fuel efficiency,

  • longer vehicle life,

  • increased value of the vehicle at its resale,

  • shorter braking distance on certain surfaces.

Irrespective of where we go – on a route, cross-country, on the mountains, regardless the fact which track chain purchased from us is to be used, you will be always satisfied with the ride, excellent adhesion to the ground, long use life, very low maintenance requirements and high resistance to damage.

The data needed for selection of proper track chain:

  • make, model and year of production,

  • in which conditions is the snowmobile used (hardened routes, cross-country ride, mountainous ride).

Our offer for track chains covers the following producers of snowmobiles:

  • Aktiv
  • Arctic Cat
  • Lynx
  • Moto-Ski
  • Polaris
  • Skidoo
  • Traper-Nordik
  • Yamaha